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Injection moulding is one of the most popular shaping techniques for plastic products. B&P uses thermosets, offering a range of materials including bakelite, epoxy, polyester SMC, polyester BMC, polyester granules (UP), silicone, melamine, urea, DAP, etc.
The complex shapes created by pressing, can also be produced by injection moulding. Granules or powder is heated up to become a viscous mass and injected into a mould under pressure. When the required pressure is attained, the mould is kept under this pressure for a period of time. This causes the material to spread out evenly across the entire mould with an equal pressure.
For larger scale production this application is a better proposition than using pressings. You are able to produce more per hour with injection moulding. We would be pleased to offer you advice on which option to choose when considering pressing versus injection moulding. Please get in touch for more information.
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Thermoplasting is one of the most frequently used manufacturing methods to produce plastic parts. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to produce complex structures using this method.
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Press products

To produce press products, B&P uses a process called thermosetting. A wide range of materials like bakelite, epoxy, polyester, silicon, melamine, DAP’s, … are applicable to the thermosetting process.
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Custom products

B&P not only offers its services as a production facility, we can assist you in the entire production process. Together with our customers we can make custom parts to fit their needs. Flexibility and experience are key to our business.
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