B&P products was founded in 1993 by Rik Gielen. Rik was an experienced manager and had built up extensive experience at a German company. Initially an investment was made for four thermal presses, with the intention of developing into thermoplastics within two years. However it was soon decided this was not the way to go and the decision was made to expand activities in thermosetting polymers by purchasing two injection moulding machines.

Introduction B&P Products

After rapid expansion over seven years it was time to move into bigger premises. In 2000 B&P moved from their old 200m2 workshop to the completely new 1250m2 Overpelt site, ideally located at the centre of the Euro region. Since 2004, Bert Gielen, Bert’s son, has been working at the company. The storage capacity has been expanded with another 800m2.Of course B&P have kept up with technological advancements and have made major investments in new thermal injection machines and presses.
Because of this growth and learning curve, B&P is now capable of delivering premium quality in a wide range of materials and production methods. As a result, a customer’s vision and wishes can be flexibly put into production within tight time frames. When a product has to be heat resistant, B&P can produce the necessary parts by using thermosetting polymers instead of injection moulding. For the thermosetting production process, materials like polyester, bakelite, duroplasts, etc are used. Another great advantage for B&P customers is logistics. B&P is located at the centre of the EURO region. This ensures fast delivery with minimal delays.
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Thermoplasting is one of the most frequently used manufacturing methods to produce plastic parts. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to produce complex structures using this method.
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Press products

To produce press products, B&P uses a process called thermosetting. A wide range of materials like bakelite, epoxy, polyester, silicon, melamine, DAP’s, … are applicable to the thermosetting process.
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Custom products

B&P not only offers its services as a production facility, we can assist you in the entire production process. Together with our customers we can make custom parts to fit their needs. Flexibility and experience are key to our business.
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