Complete product development of your plastic product

Production is not the only service B&P provides for its customers. B&P can also provide drawings, make the moulds and assist you throughout the complete production process. Custom products can be made on demand in collaboration with the customer. Our biggest assets are flexibility and experience. Due to the large variety of materials and specialist production methods, we can offer you a wide range of possibilities with the best possible quality. And we can all do this within a very short period of time. One example is melamine dishes which have a photo or image of your choice on them. The dishes are not only very strong and scratch resistant but the pictures retain a high resolution image.
Productontwikkeling door B&P Products
Productontwikkeling door B&P Products
Productontwikkeling door B&P Products
Spuitgieten uit thermoharders


Thermoplasting is one of the most frequently used manufacturing methods to produce plastic parts. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to produce complex structures using this method.
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persproducten uit thermoharders

Press products

To produce press products, B&P uses a process called thermosetting. A wide range of materials like bakelite, epoxy, polyester, silicon, melamine, DAP’s, … are applicable to the thermosetting process.
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Custom products

B&P not only offers its services as a production facility, we can assist you in the entire production process. Together with our customers we can make custom parts to fit their needs. Flexibility and experience are key to our business.
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